Rush Advanced Trauma Training Program

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Infectious Disease Training Courses:

Ultrasound Training Course:


click: 27,28 September 2021

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Advanced Trauma Training Courses:  

(All trauma courses that has a second week offering includes an 8 hour trauma rotation on the middle weekend)

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  • January ATTC (17-22 January 2021) or ATTC-E (17-27 January 2021) or 25-27 January 2021 ABLS, BLS, ACLS, PALS, Cadaver Lab Course click or 14,15 January 2021 Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC): Click:  January Rush Offerings
  • February ATTC (23-25 February 2021) ATTC with TCCC: click: February Rush Offerings
  • March ATTC (21-26 March 2021); or ATTC with TCCC (21-30 March 2020) or TCCC only (29,30 March 2021) click:  March Rush Offerings
  • April ATTC (18-23 April 2021); or ATTC and TCCC (18-27 April 2021); or TCCC only (26-27 April 2021), click: Apr Rush Offerings
  • May ATTC (9-14 May 2021); or ATTC with PHTLS (6-14 May 2021; ATTC with PHTLS and TCCC (6-18 May 2021); or ATTC with TCCC (9-18 May 2021; or PHTLS only (6,7, May 2021); or TCCC only (17,18 May 2021)  click: May Rush Offerings
  • June ATTC  (14-19 June 2021); or TCCC only (18,19 June 2021); ABLS only (14 June 2021); PHTLS only (15,16 June 2021) click: June Rush Offering
  • August ATTC (22-27 August 2021); or ATTC-E (22 August-1 September 2021), or 30 August-1 September 2021) ABLS, BLS, ACLS, PALS, Cadaver Lab; or ATTC with TCCC (19-27 August 2021 or ATTC-E with TCCC (19 August-1 September 2021; or TCCC only (19, 20 August 2021), ABLS only: 30 August 2021: click: August 2021 Rush Offerings
  • September ATTC (19-24 September 2021); or ATTC with AHLS (19-28 September 2021); or AHLS only (27, 28 September 2021); or ATTC with TCCC (16-24 September 2021); or ATTC with TCCC and AHLS (16-28 September 2021); or TCCC only (16,17 September 2021) FAST/Ultrasound Training (16, 17 September 2021): click: September 2021 Rush Offerings
  • ATTC Courses x 3; Dates TBD - (Course Fee: $4,225):
    (conducted at Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, IL - Rush ATTP facility)
    Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
    Tactical Combat Casualty Care-Medical Personnel (TCCC-MP) 
    Cadaver Lab (Bleeding Simulation on Fresh Frozen Cadavers for Wound Management and Hemorrhage Control; Tourniquet Application)
    Skills Lab.  Procedures include (all provider ITRM requirements):
    Intubation/Cricothyroidotomy, Advanced Venous Access, Thoracotomy, Fracture/Dislocation Reduction, Wound Closure, Amputation Management, Hemorrhage Control, Spinal Immobilization, Pericardiocentesis, FAST Scan.
    **(Course administers all ITRM procedures/skills required at the provider level); TCCC-MP and PHTLS for 4Ns- Meets trauma requirement for providers and 4Ns
    . **(Course administers all ITRM procedures/skills required at the provider level); TCCC-MP and PHTLS for 4Ns- Meets trauma requirement for providers and 4Ns. Click: Memorial Medical Center Offering

Advanced Trauma Training Courses-Expanded Curriculum:

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Certification Course (ABLS; BLS; ACLS;PALS; Cadaver Lab)

  • click:25-27 January 2021
  • click: 30 August-1 September 2021

FAST/Ultrasound Training Course:

Certification Courses:

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Infectious Disease Training Courses:


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Behavioral Health Training Course:

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  • TBD

Critical Care Courses:

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