TCCC-CLS - Tactical Combat Casualty Care-Combat Lifesaver 

16-20 January 2023

20-24 March 2023

17-21 Apr 2023

15-19 May 2023

24-28 July 2023

21-25 Aug 2023

18-22 September 2023

(Course Fee: $1,499.00 INCLUDES A CADAVER LAB

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Combat Lifesaver (CLS) Course provides the means to help familiarize you with TCCC concepts and lifesaving skills to render medical aid to a trauma casualty. The course provides information through a short lecture followed by interactive hands-on skills training and formal assessment. The CLS TCCC Course encompasses tactical trauma assessment, bleeding control interventions, airway and respiratory management techniques, rescue drag/carry techniques, prevention and treatment of shock, burns, eye injuries, splints, pain management, critical communication, and medical documentation practices. The TCCC skills have been proven safe and effective and can be performed by someone with no medical training. At the completion of this 40-hour course, you will be qualified at a TCCC basic proficiency level.


Contact us to schedule training for Tier One Tactical Combat Casualty Care - All Service Members (TCCC-ASM).   EMAIL: info@rushattp.com for ASM and CLS info.

CRE CMRP/MOS 2023 Clinical Rotations:  Rush 2023 Clinical Rotations Assist with the triage, evaluation and management of trauma patients throughout continuum of care module.  5 days is $1,500  Additional days: add $300 for each day.  CEUs issued for all hours performed.

2023 January, July, and August ATTC-Expanded Curriculum (Course Fee: 4,850):

​(16-25 Jan; 24 Jul-1 Aug; 21-30 Aug)

optional TCCC (13, 14 Jan; 18, 19 Aug) (add $650); optional Ultrasound Training Course (25 Jan/PM; 30 Aug/PM) (add $725); optional AHLS Course (31 August-1 September) (add $975.00)

(conducted at Rush, Chicago)

International Trauma Life Support (ITLS)
Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) (Jan/ Aug only)
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) 
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
Basic Disaster Life Support (BDLS)
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Cadaver Lab.

Tissue Lab.
Skills Administration and Testing

FAST/US/Hemorrhage Control/Central Lines
Combat Trauma Lane
PTSD and TBI Awareness/Identification/Treatment
Ambulance Ride Along (subject to scheduling) 

Level I Trauma Experience (subject to scheduling)

Middle weekend 8 hour trauma rotation (subject to scheduling)

Optional TCCC-MP (12,13 Jan; 20,21 July; 17,18 Aug)

Optional Ultrasound Training (25 Jan/PM; 30 Aug/PM; both 1300-1700hrs)

Optional AHLS Course (31 August-1 September)

(ATTC-E awards up to 82 hours of Continuing Education Units)

2023 2nd Week only of ATTC-Expanded Curriculum (Course Fee: $1,599)

(23-25 Jan; 28-30 Aug)

(conducted at Rush, Chicago)

Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS)

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Cadaver Lab or Ultrasound Training (make choice on registration link)

(Awards up to 27 hours of Continuing Education Units)

2023 All Rush ATTCs (Jan; Mar; Apr; May; July; Aug; Sep) (Course Fee: 4,600):

(16-20 Jan; 20-24 Mar; 17-21 Apr; 15-19 May; 24-28 July; 21-25 Aug; 18-22 Sep) optional TCCC (see below for dates) (add $650)

(conducted at Rush, Chicago)

International Trauma Life Support
Basic Disaster Life Support
Cadaver Lab

Tissue Lab
Skills Administration and Testing

FAST/US/Hemorrhage Control/Central Lines
Combat Trauma Lane
PTSD and TBI Awareness/Identification/Treatment
Ambulance Ride Along/Level 1 Trauma Experience (subject to scheduling)

Optional TCCC-MP (front end or back end of these dates - see TCCC-MP dates below)
(ATTC awards up to 51 hours of Continuing Education Units)

Optional TCCC-MP offered with all ATTCs; see the schedule below.

2022 November and 2023 February ATTC-M (modified) (1-3 November; 21-23 February) (Travel days: 31 Oct and 4 Nov; 20 and 24 February;  (Course Fee: $4,600) (EXCELLENT OFFERING FOR PROVIDERS, NURSES, MEDICS WITH TIGHT SCHEDULES) (conducted in Chicago)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care - Military Personnel (TCCC-MP)

Cadaver Lab

Tissue Lab

Ambulance Ride (subject to scheduling)

Level One Trauma Experience (subject to scheduling)

(ATTC awards up to 36 hours of Continuing Education Units)

2023 12-17 June ATTC Course - (Course Fee: $4,600):

(conducted at Rush and Stroger Hospitals, Chicago) 

Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS)

Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC-MP)

Cadaver Lab 

Tissue Lab

(ATTC awards up to 47.25 hours of Continuing Education Units)

Only 18 students allowed; register early

 2023 ATTC Courses x 2; Dates TBD - (Course Fee: $4,500):

(conducted at Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, IL - Rush ATTP facility)

Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

Tactical Combat Casualty Care-Medical Personnel (TCCC-MP) 

Cadaver Lab (Bleeding Simulation on Fresh Frozen Cadavers for Wound Management and Hemorrhage Control; Tourniquet Application)

Skills Lab.  Procedures include (all provider ITRM requirements):

Intubation/Cricothyroidotomy, Advanced Venous Access, Thoracotomy, Fracture/Dislocation Reduction, Wound Closure, Amputation Management, Hemorrhage Control, Spinal Immobilization, Pericardiocentesis, FAST Scan.

(ATTC awards up to 40 hours of Continuing Education Units)

**(Course administers all ITRM procedures/skills required at the provider level); TCCC-MP and PHTLS for 4Ns- Meets trauma requirement for providers and 4Ns.

2023 Stand alone certification courses with or without an ATTC:

(conducted at various locations)

Ultrasound Training Course: 25 January/30 August; 1200-1700hrs.  ($725)(5 CEUs).  Added on the backend of an ATTC-E or can be attended as a stand-alone option.

PHTLS: 13, 14, 15 June - ($550) (16 CEUs)

AHLS: 31 August-1 September -  ($975) (16 CEUs)

ABLS: 23 Jan; 12 June; 28 August - ($375) (7.25 CEUs)

ATLS:  ($1,200)

TCCC:  12, 13 Jan; 16, 17 Mar; 13, 14 Apr; 11, 12 May;  16, 17 Jun;  20, 21 July; 17, 18 Aug; 14, 15 Sep - ($650) (16 CEUs)

Above TCCC-MP certification courses award up to 16 hours of Continuing Education


2023 Infectious Disease Training Course 9-11 May; 11-13 July (Course Fee: $1,950):

(conducted at Rush, Chicago)


Use of BioFire detection equipment - ON HAND TRAINING KITS

TOUR OF HOSPITAL AND ISOLATION ROOMS - subject to availability
PPE and barriers
Bloodborne Pathogens

Malaria and Other Travel Related Illness​
Respiratory Viral Infections (SARS, MERS, COVID-19)

​COVID-related cases, Pathophysiology. and Treatments, including Vaccines

Infectious Diseases in the Headlines (non-COVID)

​Emerging Infectious Diseases

​Monkey Pox
Respiratory droplets
Airborne pathogens
Bioterrorism Agents EXPANDED CONTENT
Hemorrhagic Fevers (Ebola)
MRSA Infections

CNS Infections
Vaccines, drugs, diagnostics and vector control.
Victim Recovery
(IDTC awards up to 21 hours of Continuing Education Units)

IDTC Student Feedback:  "Content was in-depth and presented in a manner to provide optimal learning outcomes.  In addition to the core infection control curriculum, the psychological effects portion is useful information for my medical practice"  " Excellent course! Very well organized, maximum use of time"

2023 Ultrasound Training Course (Course Fee: $725) (conducted at Rush)

25 January and 30 August 2023/1300-1700; added to an ATTC-E; cert course; or can be taken as a stand-alone option

​Introduction/Basics of Ultrasound
E-FAST Lecture/E-FAST Breakout Session
Renal Lecture/Aorta Lecture/Aorta/Renal Breakout Session
US-Guided Peripheral IV Lecture/US-Guided Peripheral and Central Line Breakout Session

Cardiac Lecture/Cardiac Breakout Session
Nerve Blocks Lecture/Nerve Blocks Breakout Session

2023 Clinical Rotations (All Medical Levels).  Training location: Stroger Hospital (Rush Affiliate), level one trauma with a burn unit.

CMRP/MOS Clinical Rotations Assist with the triage, evaluation and management of trauma patients throughout continuum of care module.  OPEN FOR CMRP AND CST ITRM REQUIREMENTS. IF YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HOURS, CONTACT info@rushattp.com

23-27 January 2023  CANCELED
20-24 March 2023 (FULL)
17-21 April 2023 (FULL)
15-19 May 2023 (FULL)
12-16 June 2023 (only 1 slot open)
28 August - 1 September 2023 (FULL)
18-22 September 2023 (FULL)


2023 TBP: Critical Care Paramedic Course (Course Fee: $6,200.00):

weeks #1,2 CCEMT-P conducted at Memorial Medical Center, Springfield, IL; weeks #3-6 clinicals conducted at Rush and Stroger Hospitals, Chicago)

13 February - 5 April 2023 (dates subject to change); 

UMBC CCEMT-P and required clinical hours; or

(Course awards up to 340 hours of Continuing Education Units)

Trauma Course Requirement - Critical Care Course (Course Fee: $5,000):

same training locations as above

Dates: TBP (on ICU rotation schedule)

contact: info@rushattp.com for details

Accelerated Paramedic Certification Course (NREMT-P)

Check back for updates

Behavioral Health Training Course (Course Dates and Fee: TBD)

(conducted at Rush, Chicago)

PTSD Education and Psychological First Aid

Traumatic Brain Injury
Military Sexual Trauma
Moral Injury
Sleep Education
Suicide and Risk assessment
Substance Use

Motivational Interviewing

(BHTC awards up to 14 hours of Continuing Education Units)


Rush Advanced Trauma Training Program